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Ichetucknee Springs State Park hours
Park Opens at 8am
Gate closing times:
North Entrance:  
South Entrance:  
Last Take Out:  
All boats put in at the North Entrance must be on the water by 2:00 p.m.
All boats/tubes must be off the water by 5:00 p.m.
Canoeing, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding:
Paddle boards:  $25.00 each
Canoes & Kayaks: Various prices (Please Call for pricing)
For your enjoyment and boating pleasure, we have the following canoes and kayaks in our livery.
22 17' Grumman Canoes
  2 18' Grumman Canoes
12 Old Town Sit-on-top Kayaks
22 Old Town Solo (or single) cockpit Kayaks
29 Old Town Double cockpit Kayaks
We offer a variety of canoe & kayak trips and we are always willing to make any accommodations that we are able to make your trip more enjoyable. Listed below are the trips we offer, and remember, we provide everything you need and we do all the driving.
Trip #1: $16.00 per person
Your choice of boat.
2 hours / 4 miles
From the Ichetucknee Park Head Springs to the "Last Take Out"
No tobacco products allowed on the Ichetucknee.  Food and drinks are permitted in non-disposable containers (i.e. Tupperware or Rubbermaid).
Trip #2: $20.00 per person
Your choice of boat
4-5 hours/12 miles
From the Ichetucknee Head Springs to the Hwy 129 bridge
Food and drinks are permitted in non-disposable containers such as stainless steele, Rubbermaid or Tupperware.
Trip #3: $20.00 per person
Your choice of boat
4-5 hours/12miles
Santa Fe River Trip
Coolers are permitted.
Children 5 years of age and under are free. All prices are based on two or more people. Solo boaters for the Ichetucknee trip to LTO are $20.00. Solo boaters for the other trips are $28.00.
Medium Raft: $10.00
Large Raft: $12.00
Medium Twin Tube: $8.00
Large Twin Tube: $10.00
Medium Vinyl Tube: $4.00
Large Vinyl Tube: $5.00
"We'll give you $1.00 off per float!"
Option 1:
South Entrance (#5) - Ride the tram to the "Midpoint" Launch (#2). Put in and float to the 'Last Take Out' (#4), float time 1-1/2 hours.
Or walk the trail down to "Dampier's Landing" (#3) and float to the 'Last Take Out' (#4), float time 1 hour.
Return by tram to the south parking area. Alternatively, you may exit the river at "Dampier's Landing" (#3) and walk to the parking area (during season).
Option 2:
North Entrance (#1) - To "Dampier's Landing" (#3) float time 2 hours
To 'Last Take Out' (#4) float time 3 hours
During season, a shuttle provides transportation back to the North Entrance (for drivers with passes only) prior to your float, so that your vehicle is waiting for you at the South Entrance (#5). (You must shuttle your car BEFORE you float down the river.)
Alternatively, you may exit the river at "Dampier's Landing" (#3) and walk to the parking area.
"Get in line early!!!"
The North Entrance of the park will close to "Tubers Only" once they reach 750 people or 2:00pm. After that, all other tubers have to go to the South Entrance. During the summer season, Midpoint Launch closes at 4:00pm or when they reach 2250 people, at which point any other tubers will only be able to access the river at Dampier's Landing, which closes at 5:00pm.
Before or after the normal tube season you may still tube the lower half of the river, however you will only have access to the South end of the park (Midpoint & Dampier's Landing) and you will have to walk and carry your tubes wherever you go. Park closing hours change in the off-season with Midpoint closing at 2:00pm, and Dampier's at 3:00pm.
* See park hours at top of page.
** PLEASE NOTE - OUR TUBES ARE FOR THE ICHETUCKNEE ONLY. For your convenience, tubes are left at the tube drop off area in the park.
We have a shuttle service available for those who have their own boats.
Please call ahead for availability.
To "Last Take Out" - $18.00
To Hwy. 129 - $24.00
To SR 47 bridge - $28.00
We shuttle the driver, not the boat.
We offer discounts and free delivery to recreational groups (i.e. Scouts, Churches, etc).
You must have a Federal or state of Florida Tax Exempt certificate in order to be tax exempt. You cannot use one from another state. Please let us know if you are tax exempt when you call to make your reservation.
** If you wish to reserve a boat, please make a reservation to ensure availability of boats for your trip.
Please be advised that you will need some type of time keeping device (ie: watch, cell phone, etc.) to ensure your arrival at Last Take Out before 5:00pm when the park gate closes.
Insurance Requirements:
Our insurance requires that we have an individual, signed release form for every person going on the river. (this applies to boats only)
Parents may list multiple children on the same form.
Anyone using a Sit-On-Top kayak is required to wear their life vest.
Groups (i.e.: Scouts, youth groups, etc) must have individual forms. If minors are involved, each child must have parental consent. The leader cannot sign for the group.
For your convenience, we have made our release form printable. Please consider printing and filling out your forms in advance of your trip.
Anyone adding youth on their form will need to print and sign the 'Minor Release' form, as well.
If you require life vests for your water activities, please let us know in advance. If you are able to provide your own, please do so since we have many groups that participate in water activities. Thank you.
Prices are 'per day', and do not include the State Park river fee for the state park.
No tubes rented after 3:30 pm.
We offer a group rate of $3.00 per float (large vinyl, medium vinyl or bottom vinyl only) to tax exempt groups. (501c only)
"NO tabacco products allowed on the Ichetucknee River".
"Coolers may be taken on the Santa Fe and Suwannee Rivers only".
The concession stand at Dampier's Landing opens at 10am in season. They will hold your keys for $2.00.
When South entrance parking lot is full, entrance changes to one in/one out. Meaning as one car leaves another may enter.
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